Colleen Burch Johnson

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We present a parametric model for estimating the areas within watersheds whose land use best predicts indicators of stream ecological condition. We regress a stream response variable on the distance-weighted proportion of watershed area that has a specific land use, such as agriculture. Distance weighting functions model the declining influence of landscape(More)
Soils support ecosystem functions such as plant growth and water quality because of certain physical, chemical, and biological properties. These properties have been studied at different spatial scales, including point scales to satisfy basic research needs, and regional scales to satisfy monitoring needs. Recently, soil property data for the entire USA(More)
The Surface Waters component of the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAPSW) was developed by the USEPA to evaluate the extent and condition of lakes and streams over national and regional scales. Realistically, chemical or physical water properties (WPs) such as acidity or turbidity can be field-sampled for only a small portion of all lakes(More)
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