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Transcription factor IIIB (TFIIIB), the central transcription factor of Saccharomyces cerevisiae RNA polymerase III, is composed of TATA-binding protein, the TFIIB-related protein Brf, and B". B", the last component to enter the TFIIIB-DNA complex, confers extremely tight DNA binding on TFIIIB. Terminally and internally deleted B" derivatives were tested(More)
Due to their remarkable selectivity and specificity for cancer biomarkers, immunoconjugates have emerged as extremely promising vectors for the delivery of diagnostic radioisotopes and fluorophores to malignant tissues. Paradoxically, however, these tools for precision medicine are synthesized in a remarkably imprecise way. Indeed, the vast majority of(More)
Molecular imaging using radioisotope- or fluorophore-labeled antibodies is increasingly becoming a critical component of modern precision medicine. Yet despite this promise, the vast majority of these immunoconjugates are synthesized via the random coupling of amine-reactive bifunctional probes to lysines within the antibody, a process that can result in(More)
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