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In this study, confocal ratio analysis was used to image the relationship between cytoplasmic free calcium concentration ([Ca2+]c) and the development of root hairs of Arabidopsis thaliana. Although a localized change in [Ca2+]c that preceded or predicted the site of root hair initiation could not be detected, once initiated the majority of emerging root(More)
Microfibril deposition in most plant cells is influenced by cortical microtubules. Thus, cortical microtubules are templates that provide spatial information to the cell wall. How cortical microtubules acquire their spatial information and are positioned is unknown. There are indications that plant cells respond to mechanical stresses by using microtubules(More)
Changes in cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) have been proposed to be involved in signal transduction pathways in response to a number of stimuli, including gravity and touch. The current hypothesis proposes that the development of gravitropic bending is correlated with a redistribution of [Ca2+]i in gravistimulated roots. However, no study has(More)
Cortical microtubules play an important role during morphogenesis by determining the direction of cellulose deposition. Although many triggers are known that can induce the reorientation of cortical plant microtubules, the reorientation mechanism has remained obscure. In our approach, we used gravitropic stimulation which is a strong trigger for microtubule(More)
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