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The influence of risk perceptions on risk activities of teenagers is well known, but the development of indices, which combine measures of perception as well as behavioral outcomes, has proved problematical. This article discusses the ways in which this methodological problem was tackled within a five-year, multiphase, multimethod study of factors affecting(More)
Histopathology data from 298 patients with breast cancer have been stored in a computer, and features influencing survival have been analysed by the life table method and presented in survival curves. Prognostic features assessed were the size, type, and grade of neoplasm, the amount of stromal elastosis and lymphocytic infiltrate, and the presence and(More)
When counselling patients for postexposure prophylaxis after sexual exposure, we may need to inform them that the efficacy may be low, especially if the patient also had risks prior to the 72 hours between exposure and treatment. The use of a point-of-care test, as well as fourth generation HIV tests and HIV RNA in combination, can still miss seroconversion(More)
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