Colin Widmer

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The effects on the channel characteristics of four single amino acid substitutions in OmpF porin and of a deletion mutant in the constriction loop L3 have been studied. These mutations are all located in the narrow section of the channel of the protein that forms pores across the outer membrane of Escherichia coli. The single channel conductance of the(More)
The genomic DNA of the BE strain of Escherichia coli has been scrutinized to detect porin genes that have not been identified so far. Southern blot analysis yielded two DNA segments which proved highly homologous to, yet distinct from, the ompC, ompF, and phoE porin genes. The two genes were cloned and sequenced. One of them, designated ompN, encodes a(More)
To comprehend spoken language, listeners must segment continuous speech into individual words. In cases where /s/ occurs on both sides of a word boundary (e.g., gas station) segmentation might be difficult because the two s-sounds blend together into one long s-sound. We report a series of experiments that examined how listeners segment such sequences,(More)
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