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We reported three cases of spontaneous rupture which were surgically treated with direct suture method. One patient was operated on within eight hours after rupture with good results. In two patients diagnoses were made more than two days after rupture. One had esophageal fistula, but completely recovered after cervical oesophageal fistula, and another died(More)
One thousand and ninety human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive homosexual or bisexual males were seen in one hospital for management of HIV disease over a 9-year period. One hundred and fifty-five patients were referred by acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) physicians for general surgical management. The most frequent reason for surgical(More)
This study is the first published assessment of the effect of anoreceptive intercourse (ARI) on anal sphincter tone and function. Forty anoreceptive (AR) male homosexuals were compared with 18 age matched non-anoreceptive (non-AR) heterosexual males. Subjects were questioned about ARI, defaecation and faecal incontinence. Anal resting pressure, maximum(More)
A consecutive series of 100 men with uncomplicated duodenal ulcer was randomly divided into two groups: one group of 52 underwent proximal gastric vagotomy (PGV), the other group (48) underwent PGV with pyloroplasty (PGVP). Preoperative peak acid output (PAOP) was measured in all patients. Those with a higher preoperative PAOP were significantly more likely(More)