Colin Walsh

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BACKGROUND Epidemiologic studies have demonstrated substantial variations in per capita rates of many surgical procedures, including rotator cuff repair. The purpose of the current study was to characterize orthopaedic surgeons' attitudes concerning medical decision-making about rotator cuff surgery and to investigate the associations between these beliefs(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital readmission risk prediction remains a motivated area of investigation and operations in light of the hospital readmissions reduction program through CMS. Multiple models of risk have been reported with variable discriminatory performances, and it remains unclear how design factors affect performance. OBJECTIVES To study the effects of(More)
The UKCIP02 climate change scenarios (2070–2100) suggest that the UK climate will become warmer (an overall increase of 2.5–3 o C), with temperature increases being greater in the summer and autumn than in the spring and winter seasons. In terms of precipitation, winters are expected to become wetter and summers drier throughout the UK. The effect of(More)
The increasing availability of multivariate temporal data in many domains, such as biomedical, security and more, provides exceptional opportunities for temporal knowledge discovery, classification and prediction, but also challenges. Temporal variables are often sparse and in many domains, such as in biomedical data, they have huge number of variables. In(More)
Worldwide, cities are faced with the challenge of designing and implementing the transition to a state in which their greenhouse gas emissions are drastically reduced and they are well adapted to the impacts of climate change. There is increasing understanding of the synergies and conflicts in the objectives of mitigation and adaptation. These interactions(More)
We recently reported that acidic (aFGF) and basic (bFGF) fibroblast growth factors confer a broad spectrum chemoresistance in solid tumors, and that suramin, an inhibitor of multiple growth factors including aFGF and bFGF, enhanced the in vitro antitumor activity of several anticancer The present study investigated in vitro and in vivo interaction between(More)
We report the synthesis and biophysical characterization of a novel class of zwitterionic lipids (ZL) with head groups containing a 3° or 4° amine and carboxylate. ZL form stable liposomes that exhibit head group dependent, pH-responsive biophysical characteristics. These lipids may be suitable components for drug delivery applications due to their ease of(More)
We describe a nucleation-based method which allows for the generation of monodisperse lipid nanoparticles over a range of diameters. Using a set of novel zwitterionic lipids and inverse phosphocholine lipids with pKas ranging from 2 to 5, we showed how the hydrodynamic diameter of lipid nanoparticles can be systematically manipulated over a 60 nm to 500 nm(More)
The patient problem list, like administrative claims data, has become an important source of data for decision support, patient cohort identification, and alerting systems. A two-fold intervention to increase capture of problems on the problem list automatically - with minimal disruption to admitting and provider billing workflows - is described. For new(More)