Colin T. Pillinger

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Allan Hills (ALH) 84001 is the most recently recognized member of a suite of meteorites--the SNCs--that almost certainly originated on Mars. Several factors distinguish ALH84001 from the other SNC meteorites. Preliminary studies suggest that it may be older than other martian meteorites. Moreover, it contains abundant, zoned domains of(More)
A technique using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry (GCxGC/TOFMS) is applied to a qualitative analysis of three sample extracts from hair suspected of containing various drug compounds. The samples were also subjected to a quantitative target analysis for codeine, morphine, 6-monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM),(More)
[1] This paper describes selection and characterization of the landing site for the Mars 2004 Beagle 2 mission. The site is within Isidis Planitia between 10 –12 N, 266 – 274 W, centered at 11.6 N, 269.5 W. This is at low elevation ( 3600 to 3900 m MOLA), is flat (MOLA RMS slope = 0.57 ), radar data suggest a smoother surface at decimeter to meter scales(More)
The N and C abundances and isotopic compositions of acid-insoluble carbonaceous material in thirteen primitive chondrites (five unequilibrated ordinary chondrites, three CM chondrites, three enstatite chondrites, a CI chondrite and a CR chondrite) have been measured by stepped combustion. While the range of C isotopic compositions observed is only delta 13C(More)
ABSTRACT Epidemiological modeling is used to examine the effect of silthiofam seed treatment on field epidemics of take-all in winter wheat. A simple compartmental model, including terms for primary infection, secondary infection, root production, and decay of inoculum, was fitted to data describing change in the number of diseased and susceptible roots per(More)
Simultaneous static-mode mass spectrometric measurements of nitrogen, carbon, helium, neon, and argon extracted from the same aliquot of sample by high-resolution stepped combustion have been made for a suite of six lunar basalts. Collecting abundance and isotopic data for several elements simultaneously from the same sample aliquot enables more detailed(More)
The use of stable carbon isotope analysis to detect the administration of anabolic steroids to cattle was investigated. Samples were extracted by solid-phase extraction on C18 cartridges. Stable isotope ratios (13C:12C) were measured by gas chromatography-isotope ratio mass spectrometry (GC-IRMS) of the underivatised extracts. A programmed temperature(More)
Fine-grained diamonds, the most abundant form of circumstellar dust isolated from primitive meteorites, have elemental and isotopic characteristics that are dependent on the host meteorite type. Carbon isotopic compositions vary from -32 to -38 per mil, and nitrogen associated with the diamond changes in overall abundance by over a factor of four from 0.2(More)
Primitive terrestrial life – defined as a chemical system able to transfer its molecular information via self-replication and to evolve – probably originated from the evolution of reduced organic molecules in liquid water. Several sources have been proposed for the prebiotic organic molecules: terrestrial primitive atmosphere (methane or carbon dioxide),(More)