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An important logistics application of robotics involves manipulators that pick-and-place objects placed in warehouse shelves. A critical aspect of this task corresponds to detecting the pose of a known object in the shelf using visual data. Solving this problem can be assisted by the use of an RGBD sensor, which also provides depth information beyond visual(More)
BACKGROUND The assessment of neurodevelopmental effects in children associated with prenatal methylmercury exposure, from contaminated fish and seafood in the maternal diet, has recently been strengthened by adjustment for the negative confounding resulting from co-exposure to beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). OBJECTIVES We aimed to(More)
Bedrock erosion in rivers sets the pace of landscape evolution, influences the evolution of orogens and determines the size, shape and relief of mountains. A variety of models link fluid flow and sediment transport processes to bedrock incision in canyons. The model components that represent sediment transport processes are increasingly well developed. In(More)
Surrogate technologies for bed-load transport monitoring are being evaluated toward eventually supplanting traditional data-collection methods that require routine collection of physical samples and subsequent fi eld or laboratory analyses. Commercially available and prototype technologies based on active-and passive-hydroacoustic principles are the foci of(More)
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