Colin Phillip Jackson

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Two studies testing social learning theory predictions of habitual alcohol use in college students are reported. Study 1 (N = 96) investigated alcohol related expectancies and social desirability as predictors of habitual alcohol use. Higher habitual alcohol use was correlated with higher expected dominance, but this correlation was not modified by social(More)
There is meager information about how adolescents decide to become sexually active and use protection against pregnancy and disease. The purpose of this project was to explore the thinking of adolescents, ages 12 to 14, about becoming sexually active and using protection during sexual encounters. In a health class, 45 adolescents responded to questions(More)
Pygmy marmosets are distinctive given their diminutive body size, their year-round reliance upon exudates, and their use of morphologically adapted tegulae to engage in a high degree of claw-clinging behaviors associated with exudate exploitation. This project examined the positional behavior and habitat preferences of one group of pygmy marmosets in a(More)
A number of vocational training courses are held in caves in the Yorkshire Dales region of the United Kingdom. The instructors and students involved in these courses have the potential to be exposed to enhanced levels of radon ((222)Rn) and its progeny as a result of their occupations. A prior radiological risk assessment for the training courses(More)
Particulars of Microorganism and Its Cultivation-The strain of A. czcetigenum used was NCIB 8132 from the National Collection of Industrial Bacteria, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Teddington, Middlesex, England. The defined medium, made with distilled water, contained (grams per liter): KHZPOI, 2.0; MgS04.7 HSO, 1.0; FeS04.7 HZO, 0.01;(More)
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