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Along the Margins? The Later Bronze Age Seascapes of Western Ireland
This article presents the results of multi-scalar investigations into the Later Bronze Age (LBA; 1500–600 bc) landscape of Inishark in County Galway, Ireland. The European LBA along the AtlanticExpand
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Get Rad! The Evolution of the Skateboard Deck
Today there is growing interest in material culture studies among a wide range of social and biological scientists. Researchers recognize that some concepts drawn from biology can be useful inExpand
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Settlement placement and socio-economic priorities: Dynamic landscapes in Bronze Age Transylvania
Abstract The Bronze Age was a period of significant socio-economic transformation that gave rise to the first complex regional polities with institutionalized inequality in Europe. Communities inExpand
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Lithic Technology: Perforation with Stone Tools and Retouch Intensity: A Neolithic Case Study
A measure of retouch intensity, the EKCI, was devised based upon function and archaeological context. To arrive at the function of PrePottery Neolithic A el-Khiam points from the Near East,Expand
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Costly Signaling Theory in Archaeology
Why do people engage in seemingly wasteful behaviors and invest in extravagant material displays? Since its introduction into anthropological archaeology two decades ago, costly signaling theoryExpand
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A value approach to complex system design utilising a non-rigid solution space
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