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Focal arterial infarction in the full-term newborn is an important cause of acquired cerebral lesions in the perinatal period. Clinical motor seizures, most often unifocal, are the nearly constant disclosing symptom confirmed by focal EEG abnormalities. A multifactorial physiopathology is usual, including genetic and perinatal environmental factors. In the(More)
The development of the nervous system can be studied only if the age of the embryo is exactly known. Since it is difficult to control reproduction in female cats, we tried to time fertilization very precisely to within one hour by using either artificial insemination, or by mating females in oestrus induced by light programming. In one trial, this(More)
EDITORIAL In this digital age, Multimodal Interfaces are extending and replacing mechanical and electrical instruments. Impressive results have been achieved and new challenging applications are foreseen in fields like medicine, assistance to disabled persons, communication, design, performing arts, games, and many other types of human activity involving(More)
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