Colin Mclean

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Wild-type mice immunized with MART-1 melanoma Ag-engineered dendritic cells (DC) generate strong Ag-specific immunity that has an absolute requirement for both CD8(+) and CD4(+) T cells. DC administration to CD8 alpha knockout mice displayed unexpectedly enhanced levels of protection to tumor challenge despite this deficiency in CD8(+) T cells and the(More)
Dendritic cell (DC) administration to CD8α knock-out (CD8αKO) mice results in a strong antigen-non-specific protection to a B16 murine melanoma tumor challenge. This response is mediated by lytic NK cells and cytokine-producing CD4 cells. We aimed to determine the signals that guide tumor targeting of this response. CD8αKO mice in the C57BL/6 background(More)
BACKGROUND Optical fibres can be placed in balloons to deliver light for intracranial photodynamic therapies. METHOD A series of fibres, with either cleaved ends or terminating in cylindrical diffusers, housed in two different balloons, containing various solutions were investigated. The aim of the experiments performed was to assess which equipment(More)
Studies on hacking have typically focused on motivational aspects and general personality traits of the individuals who engage in hacking; little systematic research has been conducted on predispositions that may be associated not only with the choice to pursue a hacking career but also with performance in either naïve or expert populations. Here, we test(More)
Altered synaptic function has been associated with neurological and psychiatric conditions including intellectual disability, schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Amongst the recently discovered synaptic proteins is p140Cap, an adaptor that localizes at dendritic spines and regulates their maturation and physiology. We recently showed that(More)
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