Colin L Morrison

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Transition metal ions doped into Ti02 can increase the quantum efficiency of the heterogeneous photooxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons. In this regard, a single dopant (vanadium) has been selected for a detailed investigation to elucidate the mechanism of the dopant action on the photoreactivity of Ti02. Large polycrystalline (1-4 nm) Ti02 particles (50(More)
Though caterpillars of the moth Periphoba arcaei will eat a wide variety of plants, they have also evolved a defense mechanism previously only seen in insects that specialize on eating toxic plants. They incorporate toxins from the tropical plant Vismia baccifera and advertise their unpal-atability with brilliant green bodies covered in toxin-tipped hairs.(More)
A suite of tetra-, penta-, and hexa-nucleotide microsatellite loci were developed from Roche 454 pyrosequencing data for the cold-water octocorals Primnoa resedaeformis and P. pacifica. Twelve of 98 primer sets tested consistently amplified in 30 P. resedaeformis samples from Baltimore Canyon (western North Atlantic Ocean) and in 24 P. pacifica samples(More)
Paragorgia arborea, or bubblegum coral, occurs in continental slope habitats worldwide, which are increasingly threatened by human activities such as energy development and fisheries practices. From 101 putative loci screened, nine microsatellite markers were developed from samples taken from Baltimore canyon in the western North Atlantic Ocean. The number(More)
A suite of tri- and tetra-nucleotide microsatellite loci were developed for walleye (Sander vitreus) from 454 pyrosequencing data. Eighteen of the 50 primer sets tested amplified consistently in 35 walleye from two lakes on Isle Royale, Lake Superior: Chickenbone Lake and Whittlesey Lake. The loci displayed moderate levels of allelic diversity (average 5.5(More)
A suite of tetra-nucleotide microsatellite loci were developed for the invasive giant African land snail, Achatina (=Lissachatina) fulica Bowdich, 1822, from Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing data. Ten of the 96 primer sets tested amplified consistently in 30 snails from Miami, Florida, plus 12 individuals representative of their native East Africa,(More)
Eighty-three putative microsatellite loci were screened from two 454 shotgun genomic libraries from Eumunida picta (Chirostylidae:Eumunididae), a species of squat lobster closely associated with cold-water coral reefs. Sixteen loci amplified consistently and nine proved sufficiently polymorphic and in Hardy Weinberg equilibrium in one or both sampling sites(More)
In 1976, the World Health Organization defined psychosurgery as 'the selective surgical removal or destruction of nerve pathways for the purposes of influencing behaviour '. Implicit within this definition was the assumption that so-called 'psychosurgery' held as its primary purpose the modification of behaviour by its effects on psychological processes.(More)
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