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—In this paper, we present LEASE, a new system and framework for Location Estimation Assisted by Stationary Emitters for indoor RF wireless networks. Unlike previous studies, we emphasize the deployment aspect of location estimation engines. Motivated thus, we present an adaptable infrastructure-based system that uses a small number of stationary emitters(More)
Gleason has described the general form that the weight distribution of a self-dual code over GF(2) and GF(3) can have. We give an explicit formula for this weight distribution when the minimum distance d between codewords is made as large as possible. It follows that for self-dual codes of length n over GF(2) with all weights divisible by 4, d ~ 4[n/24] +(More)
Recently, a class of experimental designs has been devised that guarantee input domain coverage up to all combinations of k test factors taken t at a time. With such designs, all pairwise combinations (or triplets or quadruplets, etc.) are selected at least once. To evaluate their applicability to software testing, we analyzed the extent to which software(More)
Ahtract-The class of nonnegative definite Toeplitz matrices that can be embedded in nonnegative definite circulant matrices of larger sue is characterized. An equivalent characterization in terms of the spectrum of the underlying process is also presented, together with the corresponding extrema1 processes. It is shown that a given finite duration sequence(More)
Apollonian circle packings arise by repeatedly filling the interstices between mutually tangent circles with further tangent circles. It is possible for every circle in such a packing to have integer radius of curvature, and we call such a packing an integral Apollonian circle packing. This paper studies number-theoretic properties of the set of integer(More)
The Descartes circle theorem states that if four circles are mutually tangent in the plane, with disjoint interiors, then their curvatures (or " bends ") b i = 1 r i satisfy the relation (b 1 + b 2 + b 3 + b 4) 2 = 2(b 2 1 + b 2 2 + b 2 3 + b 2 4). We show that similar relations hold involving the centers of the four circles in such a configuration,(More)
Let W(z) = 1 + Ad ezmidr + AdCl ewrim+lM +. .. be a modular form of weight n for the full modular group. real part. This implies that there is no even unimodular lattice in E " , for n > n, , having minimum nonzero squared length > n/12-b. A similar argument shows that there is no binary self-dual code of length n > n, having all weights divisible by 4 and(More)