Colin L Freeman

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Body size estimation was studied in 22 patients with bulimia and 20 normal controls. Two methods of body size estimation were used, a distorting television image method (DTIM) and the image marking method (IMM). The subjects estimated body size of a dummy as well as their own body on the DTIM. When estimating body size on the DTIM the bulimics overestimated(More)
We discuss how two techniques, based on (1) lattice dynamics (lattice statics) simulations and (2) Monte Carlo methods may be used to calculate the thermodynamic properties of solid solutions and highly disordered systems. The lattice dynamics calculations involve a full free-energy structural optimisation of each of a number of configurations, followed by(More)
A psychotherapy study for bulimia is described. The preliminary results of a random allocation control trial comparing cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour therapy and group psychotherapy with a waiting list control are presented. The results of the first 60 subjects in active treatment are shown. They indicate that all three treatments are effective in(More)
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