Colin J. Flood

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We have controlled the amount of spatial hole burning in a diode end-pumped Nd:YAG laser to quantitatively analyze its role in active mode locking. We demonstrate inhomogeneous broadening of the lasing bandwidth to >60 GHz, accompanied by a pulse-width reduction from 40 to 15 ps and an ~30% increase in the time-bandwidth product. Both homogeneous and(More)
A small Nd:YAG laser with plano-concave resonator end pumped by a dye laser is observed to possess single Laguerre-Gauss transverse modes as the lowest-loss modes. This anomalous behavior occurs when the transverse dimension of the gain spot is much smaller than the fundamental TEM(00)-mode spot size of the resonator; the Laguerre-Gauss transverse-mode(More)
An all-solid-state picosecond optical parametric generation system that uses a single-pass noncritically phase-matched lithium triborate crystal is demonstrated. We have achieved > 20% total conversion from lambda = 532 nm (pump) to lambda = 800 nm (signal) and 1.6 microm (idler) with a pulse width of ~15 ps and average power of 200 mW at a repetition rate(More)
A new, highly efficient, scalable technique for cw high-power diode-array side pumping of gain media has been eveloped. The use of simple all-reflective optics permits diode emission collection efficiencies of >95%. We have achieved a cw TEM(00) mode output (M(2) < 1.1) of 13.1 W at 1.06 microm from a Nd:YAG rod pumped with 60 W of laser-diode output (808(More)
The Toronto-Rochester Depression study consisted of 116 pedigrees ascertained for multiple cases of major affective disorders. Among the 857 psychiatrically evaluated family members, of whom more than 85% were given a structured interview, 363 had major affective disorder by Research Diagnostic Criteria and 385 had no history of psychological aberration.(More)
We have developed a linescan sensor suited for high image quality, high-resolution, high-speed imaging. The 6k-pixel sensor has: • four corner outputs each operating at 40 MHz for high scanning speed, • 7 μm pixels for shorter sensor length and simpler optical design, • an exposure control and antiblooming structure that does not produce imaging artifacts,(More)
In a RCT of family psychoeducation, 47 carers of 34 patients were allocated to one of three groups; Multifamily Group Psychoeducation, Solution Focussed Group Therapy or Treatment as Usual. Carers in both the MFGP intervention and the SFGP arm demonstrated greater knowledge and reduction in burden than those in the TAU arm.
One hundred and eighty nine consecutive in-patients with treatment-resistant affective disorder were administered the Renard Diagnostic Interview to determine whether the 45 with secondary affective disorder (SAD) differed from the 144 with primary affective disorder (PAD). The SAD group, including 15 subjects with bipolar disorder, had an earlier mean age(More)
HLA typing was conducted on 577 family members of 86 families having at least two first-degree family members with a lifetime history of major depression or bipolar disorder. The results were combined with a follow-up study of 10 Newfoundland kindreds and with the data obtained from our previous studies, giving a total cohort of 117 families of diverse(More)