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Previous studies of the genetic and biologic characteristics of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) have by necessity used tissue culture-derived virus. We recently reported the molecular cloning of four full-length HIV-1 genomes directly from uncultured human brain tissue (Y. Li, J. C. Kappes, J. A. Conway, R. W. Price, G. M. Shaw, and B. H. Hahn,(More)
The serum amyloid A (SAA) superfamily comprises a number of genes and proteins characterized from a range of mammalian species. The majority of members described to date are dramatically induced during the acute-phase response, suggesting an important short-term beneficial role in the response to tissue injury and inflammation. However, important disease(More)
If complex problems are to be solved in reasonable computation times, then large scale parallel processing is necessary. F or many of these problems, the density of the global communications dominates the performance of the parallel implementation. In these cases, the design of the interconnection network for the processors is known to play a signiicant(More)
Many problems today need the computing power that is only available by using large scale parallel processing. For a signiicant n umber of these problems, the density of the global communications between the individual processors, dominates the performance of the whole parallel implementation on a distributed memory multiprocessor system. In these cases, the(More)