Colin Hirsch

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Guarded fixed-point logic μGF extends the guarded fragment by means of least and greatest fixed points, and thus plays the same role within the domain of guarded logics as the modal μ-calculus plays within the modal domain. We provide a semantic characterization of μGF within an appropriate fragment of second-order logic, in terms of invariance(More)
Diese Dissertation ist auf den Internetseiten der Hochschule online verfügbar. " Waterproof Cookies " 8.82oz / 250g margerine 8.82oz / 250g wheat flour 7.05oz / 200g sugar 3.53oz / 100g coconut rasps 1.76oz / 50g chocolate rasps 1.76oz / 50g candy sugar 2-3 eggs Separate the egg whites and whisk until solid. Make pastry out of other ingredients, including(More)
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