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This article reports on the design, implementation, and usage of the CourseMarker (formerly known as CourseMaster) courseware Computer Based Assessment (CBA) system at the University of Nottingham. Students use CourseMarker to solve (programming) exercises and to submit their solutions. CourseMarker returns immediate results and feedback to the students.(More)
The process by which students learn to program is a major issue in computer science educational research. Programming is a fundamental part of the computer science curriculum, but one which is often problematic. It seems to be difficult to find an effective method of teaching that is suitable for all students. In this research we tried to gain insights into(More)
CourseMaster (CM) is a Computer Based Assessment (CBA) system. This paper describes the motivation and aims for developing CM's Marking System. It also explains the architectural forces and design decisions that have been established in order to engineer the Marking System. The Marking System adheres to the rigid specifications of the initial CM's design,(More)
In this paper we present a new database for off-line Arabic handwriting recognition, together with a few preprocessing procedures. We designed, collected, store and retrieve a database of Arabic handwritten (AHDB). This resulted in a one of its kind database dealing with handwritten information from Arabic text, both in terms of the size of the database as(More)
Hidden Markov Models (HMM) have been used with some success in recognizing printed Arabic words. In this paper, a complete scheme for totally unconstrained Arabic handwritten word recognition based on a Model discriminant HMM is presented. A complete system able to classify Arabic-Handwritten words of one hundred different writers is proposed and discussed.(More)
This document reports on the results of redesigning and re-implementing the Ceilidh courseware system. It highlights the limitations identified in the thirteen years of Ceilidh's use at the University of Nottingham. It also illustrates how most of these limitations have been resolved by redesigning Ceilidh's architecture and improving various aspects of the(More)
Electronic Document Management (EDM) technology is being widely adopted as it makes for the efficient routing and retrieval of documents. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an important front end for such technology. Excellent OCR now exists for Latin based languages, but there are few systems that read Arabic, which limits the penetration of EDM into(More)
While teaching in all its forms can sometimes be fun, for most people marking student work is tedious, boring and in general hard work. A courseware system is presented that not only provides on-line support for courses, but importantly can automatically assess student work. CourseMaster can mark several types of coursework in a non-trivial manner. That is,(More)