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This paper reports findings from a survey and interviews with children aged 11–16 years, teachers and parents on their attitudes to e-safety in relation to social networking and media creation (Web 2.0) and their practices at school and at home. The results showed that 74% of the children surveyed have used social network (SN) sites and that a substantial(More)
During a discussion in September 2000 the authors examined the future of research on mobile agents and mobile code. (A mobile agent is a running program that can move from host to host in network at times and to places of its own choosing.) In this paper we summarize and reflect on that discussion. It became clear that the field should shift its emphasis(More)
The phox2b gene encodes a transcription factor that is expressed in the developing enteric nervous system (ENS). An enhancer element has been identified in the zebrafish phox2b locus that can drive tissue specific expression of reporter genes in enteric neuron precursor cells. We have generated a transgenic zebrafish line in which the Kaede fluorescent(More)
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