Colin English

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The SECURE project is investigating the design of security mechanisms for pervasive computing based on the human notion of trust. Our work addresses how entities that encounter each other in unfamiliar, pervasive computing environments can overcome initial suspicion to allow secure collaboration to take place. 1 Overview At present most substantial,(More)
The requirement for spontaneous interaction in ubiquitous computing creates security issues over and above those present in other areas of computing, deeming traditional approaches ineffective. As a result, to support secure collaborations entities must implement self-protective measures. Trust management is a solution well suited to this task as reasoning(More)
This is an author-produced version of a presentation from the 1st International Conference on Trust Management. This version has been peer-reviewed, but does not include the final publisher proof corrections, published layout, or pagination. Strathprints is designed to allow users to access the research output of the University of Strathclyde. Copyright ©(More)
Recent advances in networking technology have increased the potential for dynamic enterprise collaborations between an open set of entities on a global scale. The security of these collaborations is a major concern, and requires novel approaches suited to this new environment to be developed. Trust management appears to be a promising approach. Due to the(More)
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