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Chemical cytometry: fluorescence-based single-cell analysis.
Cytometry deals with the analysis of the composition of single cells. Flow and image cytometry employ antibody-based stains to characterize a handful of components in single cells. ChemicalExpand
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Metabolic cytometry. Glycosphingolipid metabolism in single cells.
Glycosphingolipids are found on all vertebrate cells and constitute major cell surface determinants on all nerve cells, where they contribute to cellular diversity and function. We report a methodExpand
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Yoctomole analysis of ganglioside metabolism in PC12 cellular homogenates
We report an ultrasensitive method for the analysis of glycosphingolipid catabolism. The substrate GM1 and the set of seven metabolites into which it can be degraded (GA1, GM2, GA2, GM3, LacCer,Expand
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Instrumentation for medium-throughput two-dimensional capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection.
In two-dimensional capillary electrophoresis, a sample undergoes separation in the first dimension capillary by sieving electrophoresis. Fractions are periodically transferred across an interfaceExpand
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Capillary electrophoresis‐mass spectrometry methods for tryptic peptide mapping of therapeutic antibodies
Tryptic peptide mapping is routinely used in the biotech industry to confirm primary sequence, cell line stability, and to analyze posttranslational modifications. Peptide analysis is generally doneExpand
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Six orders of magnitude dynamic range in capillary electrophoresis with ultrasensitive laser-induced fluorescence detection.
An ultrasensitive laser-induced fluorescence detector was used with capillary electrophoresis for the study of 5-carboxy-tetramethylrhodamine. The raw signal from the detector provided roughly threeExpand
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Synthesis of reference standards to enable single cell metabolomic studies of tetramethylrhodamine-labeled ganglioside GM1.
Ganglioside GM1 and its seven potential catabolic products: asialo-GM1, GM2, asialo-GM2, GM3, Lac-Cer, Glc-Cer and Cer, were labeled with tetramethylrhodamine (TMR) to permit ultra-sensitive analysisExpand
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CE‐MALDI interface based on inkjet technology
An ink jet printer valve and a nozzle were used to deliver matrix and sample from an electrophoresis capillary onto a MALDI plate. The system was evaluated by the separation of a set of standardExpand
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Monitoring the uptake of glycosphingolipids in Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes using both fluorescence microscopy and capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection.
The metabolism of glycosphingolipids by the malaria-causing parasite Plasmodium falciparum plays an important role in the progression of the disease. We report a new and highly sensitive method toExpand
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Interface of an array of five capillaries with an array of one-nanoliter wells for high-resolution electrophoretic analysis as an approach to high-throughput chemical cytometry.
We report a system that allows the simultaneous aspiration of one or more cells into each of five capillaries for electrophoresis analysis. A glass wafer was etched to create an array of 1-nL wells.Expand
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