Colin D. Wilburn

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We report the successful development of hybrid PIN diode arrays and a series of room-temperature measurements in a high-energy pion beam at FNAL. A PMOS VLSI 256 x 256 readout array having 30 pm square pixels was indiumbump bonded to a mating PIN diode detector array. Preliminary measurements on the resulting hybrid show excellent signal-to-noise at room(More)
We present the development of fast transmissive center-of-mass x-ray beam position monitors with a large active area, based on a thinned position sensitive detector in both a duo- and a tetra-lateral variant. The detectors were tested at BESSY beamlines BL14.1, KMC-1, and KMC-2 and yielded signal currents of up to 3 microA/100 mA ring current at 10 keV(More)
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