Colin B. Phillips

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During late 1999/early 2000, the solid state imaging experiment on the Galileo spacecraft returned more than 100 high-resolution (5 to 500 meters per pixel) images of volcanically active Io. We observed an active lava lake, an active curtain of lava, active lava flows, calderas, mountains, plateaus, and plains. Several of the sulfur dioxide-rich plumes are(More)
Sediment transport is an intrinsically stochastic process, and measurement of bed load in the environment is further complicated by the unsteady nature of river flooding. Here we present a methodology for analyzing sediment tracer data with unsteady forcing. We define a dimensionless impulse by integrating the cumulative excess shear velocity for the(More)
Spatial and temporal variations in rainfall are hypothesized to influence landscape evolution through erosion and sediment transport by rivers. However, determining the relation between rainfall and river dynamics requires a greater understanding of the feedbacks between flooding and a river's capacity to transport sediment. We analyzed channel geometry and(More)
Introduction: Multispectral imaging of Europa's surface by Galileo's Solid State Imaging (SSI) camera has revealed two major surface color units, which appear as white and red-brown regions in enhanced color images of the surface (see figure). The Galileo Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (NIMS) experiment suggests that the whitish material is icy, almost(More)
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