Colin Anthony Mclay

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We investigated whether nitrate-N (NO3(-)-N) concentrations of shallow groundwater (< 30 m from the land surface) in a region of intensive agriculture could be predicted on the basis of land use information, topsoil properties that affect the ability of topsoil to generate nitrate at a site, or the 'leaching risk' at different sites. Groundwater NO3(-)-N(More)
The big-handed brachyuran crab Heterozius rotundifronsextends the time spent in its anti-predator posture, limb extended posture, if exposed to chemical cues from crushed conspecifics. In this study, we tested whether crabs also respond to chemical cues from crushed heterospecific crabs, and if so, whether phylogenetic relations or ecological overlap is(More)
 In land-based wastewater treatment systems (LTS), denitrification is an important nitrogen removal process. We investigated the factors limiting the denitrifying population in a forested LTS, by studying the individual and combined effects of soil aeration, water content, nitrate and carbon on denitrification enzyme activity (DEA). The size of the soil(More)
A glasshouse experiment "vas conducted to investigate gypsum application and leaching on the amelioration of" an at uIl1inium (AI) toxic subsoil for wheat growth. Treatments included di ft'erent rates of gypsum application and amount of leaching prior to wheat being grown. Wheat shoot growth increased vvhen gypsum was applied in both the presence and(More)
Five sympatric species of intertidal decapod crustaceans were studied in the Ž eld and laboratory with regard to the mechanisms used for predator defense. The species are sympatric and represent a gradient from high intertidal (Cyclograpsus lavauxi) to subtidal (Notomithrax ursus) with Petrolisthes elongatus, Heterozius rotundifrons, and Halicarcinus(More)
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