Colin A. Terry

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We describe a patient with Wilson's disease who presented with neurologic disease, was treated with D-penicillamine, and suffered sudden neurologic deterioration coincident with therapy. Replicate brain magnetic resonance imaging examinations after six weeks and 11 months of penicillamine therapy documented the development of new brain lesions during this(More)
Technology-enabled multitasking has garnered increased critical attention in recent years. Research on multitasking in educational environments commonly assert a multitude of undesired outcomes such as heightened distraction, hindered learning, and hampered productivity. This study considers critical research gaps related to media multitasking, including(More)
Twenty market hogs were evaluated with real-time ultrasound both before and after slaughter. Fat measures (n = 9) were taken at various body locations along with the longissimus muscle area measurement at the 10th rib. After live ultrasound, the hogs were slaughtered and the unsplit carcasses were measured with ultrasound at the same live ultrasound(More)
Slaughter steers and heifers (n = 345) were selected representing the following cattle types: English steers and heifers, Exotic steers and heifers, less than 50% Bos indicus steers and heifers, greater than or equal to 50% Bos indicus steers, and Holstein steers. Thirty sides representing 30 carcasses from each cattle type were fabricated into boneless(More)
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