Colin A. Kilner

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For the structural extent of the polyhedral molecular chemistry of boron to rival that of the organic chemistry of the carbon hydrides, (a) the individual boron-containing poly-hedra need to be fused together to make larger contiguous covalent assemblies, and (b) an intermolecular chemistry needs to be developed. Contemporary examples are given that(More)
Rapid access to rigid rods: A method is described for the synthesis of 3-O-alkylated aromatic oligobenzamide foldamers that could be used for assembly of libraries of α-helix mimetic inhibitors of protein-protein interactions (see scheme; Fmoc=9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl).
Sulfoxides are frequently used in organic synthesis as chiral auxiliaries and reagents to mediate a wide variety of chemical transformations. For example, diphenyl sulfoxide and triflic anhydride can be used to activate a wide range of glycosyl donors including hemiacetals, glycals and thioglycosides. In this way, an alcohol, enol or sulfide is converted(More)
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