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Building a Real-Time Database for Gdp(E)
The Bank's Monetary Policy Committee analyzes a wide variety of data to inform its monetary policy decisions. Some of these data are revised over time, and taking account of possible revisions is anExpand
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Long-Run Equilibrium Ratios of Business Investment to Output in the United Kingdom
Over the past 20 years, the constant-price and current-price ratios of business investment to total output have behaved very differently. In this article we use a simple framework to examine howExpand
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Comparative impact of 2 botulinum toxin injection techniques for elbow flexor hypertonia.
OBJECTIVE To compare 2 techniques of botulinum toxin injection for elbow flexor hypertonia. DESIGN Parallel-group, randomized, controlled trial with blinded outcome assessment. SETTINGExpand
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Indicators of Short-Term Movements in Business Investment
Business surveys provide more timely news about investment than official data. The surveys also include forward-looking information. This article examines some survey-based indicators of businessExpand
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Opening the black box: lessons learned from an interdisciplinary inquiry into the learning-based contents of brain injury rehabilitation.
This article describes challenges encountered and lessons learned in an effort to explore the black box of rehabilitation. A multidisciplinary team created detailed, mutually exclusive operationalExpand
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Winning the Loser''s Game
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Are UK Venture Capital and Private Equity Valuations Over-Optimistic?
Private equity and venture capital are, by their very nature, long-term investments. As such, it takes years for investors to see the finalised return on their commitments. In light of this, measuresExpand
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The Moss Attention Rating Scale for traumatic brain injury: further explorations of reliability and sensitivity to change.
OBJECTIVE To examine the interrater agreement and responsiveness to change of the Moss Attention Rating Scale (MARS), 22-item version, during acute inpatient rehabilitation after traumatic brainExpand
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The Role of Experience in UK Venture Capital Returns
Given the marked heterogeneity that exists in terms of the realised returns that investors see from venture capital, it is difficult to know which factors can set individual investments and ventureExpand