Cole M Dovey

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Bacterial pathogens trigger specialized virulence factor secretion systems on encountering host cells. The ESX-1 protein secretion system of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-the causative agent of the human disease tuberculosis-delivers bacterial proteins into host cells during infection and is critical for virulence, but how it is regulated is unknown. Here we(More)
Receptor-interacting protein kinase 3 (RIP3 or RIPK3) has emerged as a central player in necroptosis and a potential target to control inflammatory disease. Here, three selective small-molecule compounds are shown to inhibit RIP3 kinase-dependent necroptosis, although their therapeutic value is undermined by a surprising, concentration-dependent induction(More)
EspR is a transcriptional regulator that activates the ESX-1 secretion system during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and is critical for pathogenesis. It is unique among DNA-binding proteins as it is secreted as part of a feedback regulatory loop that serves to mitigate transcriptional activity. Here we report the crystal structure of a functional EspR(More)
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