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1 The thesis Suppose you start out inclined towards the hard-headed view that the world of material objects is the whole of reality. You elaborate: 'Everything there is is a material object: the sort of thing you could bump into; the sort of thing for which it would be sensible to ask how much it weighs, what shape it is, how fast it is moving, and how far(More)
Acknowledgements The cover photograph was supplied to DEQ by Terra Graphic Environmental Engineering Incorporated, and was taken of the Pack River above the confluence with Rapid Lightning Creek on August 9, 2006. This addendum was completed with the help and guidance of the DEQ Coeur d'Alene Regional Office surface water quality staff and the Pend Oreille(More)
ii The cover photo shows Fish Creek upstream from the confluence with Swanson's Chute. Acknowledgments This document was completed with the help of the Fish Creek Watershed Advisory Group (WAG). The WAG provided DEQ with local knowledge of watershed processes, history, document development, and multiple draft document reviews. The Technical Services Office(More)
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