Coen van den Berg

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Despite the importance of military leaders in moderating the impact of deployment stressors on unit members, little attention has focused on the training leaders receive in managing unit stress. As part of a NATO Research Panel (Human Factors and Medicine (HFM)-081/Research and Technology Organization Task Group (RTG)), 16 nations participated in a needs(More)
BACKGROUND Standardised measuring instruments are increasingly used in psychiatric research cross-culturally. These instruments are considered to be culturally equivalent when all forms of biases, or social norms specific to the culture of origin, have been removed. OBJECTIVES To describe the qualitative process of selection, translation and cultural(More)
PURPOSE It is currently held that propulsion in human front crawl swimming is achieved by lift and drag forces predominantly generated by the hands. Calculation of these propulsive forces relies on the quasi-steady assumption that the fluid dynamic behavior of a hand model in a flow channel (constant velocity and orientation) is similar to that of a hand of(More)
Over a wide range of sarcomere lengths, force activation by Ca2+, Ba2+, and Sr2+ was studied in papillary muscle and in fast skeletal fibers of the gracilis muscle of the rabbit, both skinned by means of freeze drying. The length-tension relations of Ba2+ activation differ significantly from those of Sr2+ and Ca2+ activation with respect to both the value(More)
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