Coen J. Ritsema

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Comprehensively understanding water consumption behavior is necessary to design efficient and effective water use strategies. Despite global efforts to identify the factors that affect domestic water consumption, those related to domestic water use in rural regions have not been sufficiently studied, particularly in villages that have gained access to(More)
  • Mariam Akhtar-Schuster, Harriet Bigas, Richard Thomas, Mariam Ahktar-Schuster, Richard Thomas Lead, Pamela Chasek +90 others
  • 2010
Please see for more information on the DSD and for the findings and White Papers of Working Groups 1 and 2.
The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to the potential impacts of climate change. To fully understand these potential impacts, especially on future hydrological regimes and water resources (2010-2050), 24 river basins located in the major agricultural provinces throughout the Philippines were assessed. Calibrated using(More)
Soil erosion, runoff and related nutrient losses are a big risk for soil fertility in Cabo Verde drylands. In 2012, field trials were conducted in two agro-ecological zones to evaluate the effects of selected techniques of soil-water management combined with organic amendments (T1: compost/manure + soil surfactant; T2: compost/animal or green manure +(More)
Soil erosion is the main cause of soil degradation in northern Vietnam. In this study, soil erosion was measured in 2 m2 field plots, a 19.1-ha sub-watershed, and a 248.9-ha main watershed in Tam Quan commune, Tam Duong district, northern Vietnam during 2 years, i.e., 2004–2005. The main watershed includes lowland paddy fields, and is representative for(More)
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