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The Internet is becoming increasingly accessible and new technologies are enabling the delivery of more features to end users. It is therefore increasingly compelling to develop technology to facilitate the delivery of educational content and computational tools via the Internet. Here we report on the Internet enabling of the CMISS package as a Web browser(More)
Many CNF formulas representing real-world problems exhibit symmetries. Various efforts have been made to deal with these symmetries efficiently. After Crawford et al [2], which gives a theoretical framework for detecting and exploiting symmetries, different suggestions have been posed to prevent the exponential blow up of overhead costs which shows up(More)
— We present a novel approach to handle uncertainty , by assuming an irrational view of the world thus breaking with the tradition of taking a rational view. Changing this view allows us to think differently about the nature of uncertainty. Based on this new understanding, we propose a system that can cope with an imprecise, uncertain and changing 'world'.(More)
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