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AIMS To set up a network for remote consultation using static imaging telepathology via Internet connection between pathologists in different European countries, and to collect some numerical and subjective impressions on the usefulness of this form of telepathology. METHODS A static image remote consultation network between 11 pathologists in nine(More)
INTRODUCTION Scapulothoracic muscle weakness has been associated with neck pain (NP). Little evidence exists regarding lower trapezius (LT), middle trapezius (MT) and serratus anterior (SA) strength in this population. LT strength changes have been observed following thoracic manipulation in healthy subjects. The purpose of the present study was to examine(More)
1.0 Abstract In an effort to improve the evaluation of instructional performance, Purdue Online Evaluation (P.O.L.E.) system was created for the College of Technology at Purdue University. Four years after implementation P.O.L.E. has gone unchanged. With every additional year, the shortcomings of the unfinished project become more apparent and detrimental(More)
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