Cody Watts

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We present a prospectus on the use of computer graphics for the three-dimensional reconstruction and visualization of brain lesions from computed tomographic head examinations, including an algorithm that utilizes surface contour information to reconstruct and display three-dimensional anatomical sites. We provide examples of the use of this algorithm. We(More)
In this paper, we present <i>Photogeist</i>, a photography-based augmented reality game in which players use a physical handheld camera device to take pictures of floating virtual ghosts. Players must creep, sneak, and maneuver themselves through physical space in order to approach their ghostly subjects and snap a picture using their paranormal camera. In(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the accuracy of high field (3 Tesla) MR in target localization for stem cell transplantation. Three patients with Huntington's disease were imaged with a stereotactic frame in place for both MRI and CT. Quality assurance procedures and manual shimming were performed before each MRI study to minimize image distortion.(More)
Loss of spinal alignment can lead to neurological compromise in individuals with unstable spine injuries. We compared the ability of the Roto-Rest bed and the Stryker frame to immobilize an unstable cervical and lumbar segment in a cadaver. The Roto-Rest bed was superior to the Stryker frame in the immobilization of both cervical and lumbar fractures.
  • Robert G Varady, R G Varady, Modern Era Garfin, P Romero-Lankao, S B Megdal, S Eden +306 others
  • 2013
– Global and transboundary groundwater governance – Global water initiatives – Environment, natural-resources, climate, and water-management policy – U.S.-Mexico border environment, comparative border environmental policy and new: Changing paradigms in arid lands water management. In Water and Sustainability in Arid Regions, ed. A regional center for new(More)
Increasingly, the movements of players' physical bodies are being used as a method of controlling and playing video games. This trend is evi-denced by the recent development of interpersonal touch-based games; multi-player games which players control by physically touching their partners. Although a small number of interpersonal touch-based games have(More)
Acts of interpersonal touch are used by couples to communicate with their partner in a simple, lightweight and emotionally significant way. In this abstract, we briefly present our motivation and initial design approach for <i>Matchmaker</i> -- a cooperative, romantically-themed game for tabletop computers which integrates acts of interpersonal into its(More)
We present <i>Save 'Em</i>, an augmented reality-based computer game designed to explore the challenge of making computer games more immersive and engaging by moving gameplay to the physical environment. As in the classic computer game, <i>Lemmings, Save 'Em</i> is based on maneuvering a group of slow-witted characters called Dudes through a treacherous(More)
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