Cody Watts

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In this paper, we present <i>Photogeist</i>, a photography-based augmented reality game in which players use a physical handheld camera device to take pictures of floating virtual ghosts. Players must creep, sneak, and maneuver themselves through physical space in order to approach their ghostly subjects and snap a picture using their paranormal camera. In(More)
The value of socializing in collocated multiplayer video games should not be underestimated. Inter-player interactions such as joking, bantering and strategizing all contribute towards creating rewarding and memorable gameplay experiences for the players involved. In this paper, we introduce Prism Squad: GO!, a cooperative, three-player video game which is(More)
Increasingly, the movements of players' physical bodies are being used as a method of controlling and playing video games. This trend is evi-denced by the recent development of interpersonal touch-based games; multi-player games which players control by physically touching their partners. Although a small number of interpersonal touch-based games have(More)
Since over two decades researchers work on approaches for generating non-photorealistic renditions, that are often inspired by artistic styles. Research in this field has focused on developing algorithms to automatically produce a final rendition. Recently more effort was placed in including the user into the process of creating a non-photorealistic(More)
Acts of interpersonal touch are used by couples to communicate with their partner in a simple, lightweight and emotionally significant way. In this abstract, we briefly present our motivation and initial design approach for <i>Matchmaker</i> -- a cooperative, romantically-themed game for tabletop computers which integrates acts of interpersonal into its(More)
We present <i>Save 'Em</i>, an augmented reality-based computer game designed to explore the challenge of making computer games more immersive and engaging by moving gameplay to the physical environment. As in the classic computer game, <i>Lemmings, Save 'Em</i> is based on maneuvering a group of slow-witted characters called Dudes through a treacherous(More)
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