Cody Phillips

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This paper explores the obstacles associated with designing video game levels for the purpose of objectively measuring flow. We sought to create three video game levels capable of inducing a flow state, an overload state (low-flow), and a boredom state (low-flow). A pilot study, in which participants self-reported levels of flow after playing all three game(More)
The aim of our research is to iteratively refine and begin validating a proposed videogame reward typology and its associated definitions. A mixed methods approach has been taken so as to best evaluate and refine the taxonomy. The views of an expert focus group have been explored and considered. Separately, a review of the videogame rewards observed within(More)
Microorganisms frequently colonize the nectar of angiosperm species. Though capable of altering a suite of traits important for pollinator attraction, few studies exist that test the degree to which they mediate pollinator foraging behavior. The objective of our study was to fill this gap by assessing the abundance and diversity of yeasts associated with(More)
As video games become increasingly engaging, user experience designers have begun to directly translate game elements to non-game contexts in order to create more engaging and persuading experiences. The terms <i>gamification</i> and <i>gameful design</i>, have been coined to describe this process, and over the last five years a prominent industry has been(More)
The study examines the relationship of challenge-skill balance and the player experience through evaluation of competence, autonomy, presence, interest/enjoyment, and positive and negative affect states. To manipulate challenge-skill balance, three video game modes -- boredom (low challenge), balance (medium challenge), and overload (high challenge) -- were(More)
Measuring the video game player experience is a distinctly challenging task. As the experience of 'fun' in games is imprecise and multi-faceted, various psychological and experiential phenomena have been investigated in an effort to evaluate and quantify aspects of the player experience. Psychophysiology provides a useful lens through which to objectively(More)
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