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This paper compares two novel field-bus protocols for low-cost single-chip smart sensor and actuator nodes, LIN and TTP/A. Both protocols are central-master UART protocols, where the master with its precise oscillator establishes the stable time-base required by the slaves to synchronize their imprecise on-chip oscillators. While LIN provides the basic(More)
There continues to be a trend towards using the power of cloud computing to tackle inherently large and complicated problem domains. Validating domain-intensive cloud applications presents a significant challenge because of the complexity of both the problem domain and the underlying cloud platform. In this paper, we describe an approach that leverages(More)
Agile development emphasizes collaborations among customers, business analysts, domain experts, developers, and testers. However, the large scale and rapid pace of many agile projects presents challenges during testing activities. Large sets of test artifacts must be comprehensible and available to various stakeholders, traceable to requirements, and easily(More)
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