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Malware often contains hidden behavior which is only activated when properly triggered. Well known examples include: the MyDoom worm which DDoS's on particular dates, keyloggers which only log keystrokes for particular sites, and DDoS zombies which are only activated when given the proper command. We call such behavior trigger-based behavior. Currently,(More)
Automatic analysis of malicious binaries is necessary in order to scale with the rapid development and recovery of malware found in the wild. The results of automatic analysis are useful for creating defense systems and understanding the current capabilities of attackers. We propose an approach for automatic dissection of malicious binaries which can answer(More)
Modern processors, especially VLIW processors, often have the ability to execute multiple instructions simultaneously. Taking advantage of this capability is crucial for high performance software applications. Software pipelining is a technique designed to increase the level of parallelism in loops. We propose a new approach to software pipelining based on(More)
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