Cody E Carson

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OBJECTIVES Significant obesity is considered to be a relative contraindication to laparoscopic surgery. This study reviews the complications encountered in massively obese patients undergoing urologic laparoscopic surgery. METHODS Body mass index (BMI) was used as an objective index to indicate massive obesity. Eleven institutions compiled retrospective(More)
PURPOSE To determine if there is sufficient evidence to recommend the addition of pentoxifylline to standard ACE inhibitor and ARB therapy in chronic kidney disease patients to reduce proteinuria and preserve kidney function.  METHODS A search of the literature was conducted using the and search engines and the search terms(More)
OBJECTIVES To document the current practice pattern for the treatment of splenic injuries in one Canadian trauma centre and to identify factors that determined which method was employed. DESIGN A cohort study. SETTING A Canadian lead trauma centre. PATIENTS A cohort of 100 patients with splenic injury treated at one trauma hospital over 5 years was(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE EPFs sustained during VCFs degrade the disk's ability to develop IDP under load. This inability to develop pressure in combination with residual kyphotic deformity increases the risk for adjacent vertebral fractures. We tested the hypothesis that StaXx FX reduces kyphosis and endplate deformity following vertebral compression(More)
The reaction of the asymmetric 4-(aminomethyl)pyridine (4-amp) ligand with silver(I) salts of trifluoromethanesulfonate (triflate, OTf(-)), trifluoroacetate (tfa(-)), or tetrafluoroborate (BF(4)(-)) have produced a variety of one- and two-dimensional structural motifs depending upon the ratio in which the components are mixed. When the proportion of ligand(More)
The reaction of the asymmetric 3-aminomethylpyridine (3-amp) ligand with silver(I) tetrafluoroborate (AgBF4) produces an array of structural motifs that depend on the ratio of the reactants present and crystallization temperature. With a 1:1 ratio of 3-amp to silver, either a folded macrocycle, 1a, or a linear coordination polymer, 1, is formed, depending(More)
The dianionic NiN2S2 complex, Ni(ema)2-, ema=N,N'-ethylenebis-2-mercaptoacetamide, known as a reasonable model of the tripeptide complex Ni(CGC)2- (C=cysteine; G=glycine) with respect to the two carboxyamido nitrogens and cis-dithiolates in a (N2S2)4- ligand scaffold as found in acetyl CoA synthase, has been explored for S-based reactivity toward(More)