Cody Christensen

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Pandemic influenza preparedness plans strongly focus on efficient mitigation strategies including social distancing, logistics and medical response. These strategies are formed by multiple decisions-makers before pandemic outbreak and during the disaster by decision makers in local communities, states and nationwide. Depending on the community that will be(More)
Guy Smith is an associate professor of Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. He is a 21-year US Navy veteran where most of his career was on aircraft carriers flying the S-3A Viking. He earned a doctorate in Adult and Higher Education from Montana State University in 1994 and is best known for his research in(More)
This report is the second in a series entitled Pilot Source Study 2015. Public Law 111-216 (Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010) and the subsequent FAA regulation changed pilot hiring for US air carriers operating under 14 CFR Part 121. The Pilot Source Study 2015 was designed to determine the effect of Public Law(More)
The goal of this paper is to show from an interactional or systemic perspective how intimacy may be damaged through traditional sex therapy approaches. This is in opposition to stated claims by sex therapists, who have, since the pioneering work of Masters and Johnson, sought to improve intimacy by removing the impediment of poor sexual response. Prescribed(More)
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