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The development of a widened mediastinum in patients with neoplastic disease frequently indicates tumor recurrence or spread. Seven cases of mediastinal widening in children with a variety of neoplasms are described wherein the etiology is either proven or strongly suspected to be benign thymic enlargement. Awareness of this benign etiology for mediastinal(More)
Although there is a substantial body of evidence implicating Myodil or Pantopaque as a cause of lumbar arachnoiditis, assessment of the clinically based evidence is complicated by the additional potentially causative factors present in a high proportion of cases. These include pre-existing spinal pathology, traumatic lumbar puncture and surgery. The aim of(More)
Two MRI strategies which have been reported to be effective in assessing cervical exit foramina, were prospectively compared with CT myelography in 20 patients with cervical radiculopathy. The first strategy utilized 3D T2* images, the second gadolinium enhanced 2D T1 images. Gadolinium (dimeglumine gadopentetate, Schering Ltd) enhanced images did not(More)
A prospective comparison was made of standard two-dimensional MRI sequences, at both high and midfield strength, with CT myelography in 23 patients with cervical spondylosis. MRI is adequate for assessment of cord compression, where high field strength is superior to midfield strength. MRI using 4-mm sections is inadequate for presurgical assessment of root(More)
The radiographs of 136 patients with bronchioloalveolar carcinoma were reviewed. The varied radiographic manifestations were a result of the characteristic peripheral location of the tumor, its tendency to infiltrate the local airways with mucus production and desmoplasia, and its variable aggressiveness resulting in a wide variation in rate of(More)
OBJECTIVES Standard MRI of the cervical spine is performed in a different anatomical position to that utilised for traditional contrast myelography. Those well practised in myelography are familiar with the considerable changes in configuration of the bony and soft tissues of the cervical spine that may occur with changes in the degree of neck flexion and(More)
Cervical spine MRI with the neck in extension has been well described over the last 10 years, but its clinical value remains unknown. We performed extension imaging in 60 patients in whom the initial neutral study showed borderline cord compression. Images were assessed using a previously validated grading system for cord compression. Multiple linear and(More)
As solar photovoltaic power generation becomes more commonplace, the inherent intermittency of the solar resource poses one of the great challenges to those who would design and implement the next generation smart grid. Specifically, grid-tied solar power generation is a distributed resource whose output can change extremely rapidly, resulting in many(More)