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It has been shown that if every normed factorization of a finite abelian group contains a periodic factor (the Hajós property), then every factorization must have a factor which does not span the entire group (the Rédei property.) We ask the following: if some maximal subgroup has the Hajós property, then does the group have the Rédei property? We verify(More)
The postulate of a <(local eonnection~) in a [3] charge space leads to the introduction of three spin one fields. One of these can be identified with the electromagnetic field and the other two can be shown to mediate all known weak interactions, thus unifying these interactions with electro-magnetism. The theory takes account of the fact that weak(More)
Using a 73.6 pb −1 data sample of Υ(2S) events collected with the CLEO II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, we have investigated the hadronic transitions between the Υ(2S) and the Υ(1S). The dipion transition Υ(2S) → Υ(1S)π + π − was studied using two different analysis techniques. Selecting events in which Υ(1S) → e + e − , µ + µ − ("(More)
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