Clyde Shavers

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The aims of this study were 1) to determine whether differential glycemic thresholds are the mechanism responsible for the sexual dimorphism present in neuroendocrine responses during hypoglycemia and 2) to define the differences in counterregulatory physiological responses that occur over a range of mild to moderate hypoglycemia in healthy men and women.(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether preventing increases in plasma cortisol during antecedent hypoglycemia preserves autonomic nervous system counterregulatory responses during subsequent hypoglycemia. Experiments were carried out on 15 (8 male/7 female) healthy, overnight-fasted subjects and 8 (4 male/4 female) age- and weight-matched patients(More)
This paper presents a face detection system based on support vector machines (SVM). The lambda-coefficients (that correspond to the SVM support vectors) are determined from a set of training images from the Olivetti Research Lab (ORL) database. The support vectors are the archetypes for face and non-face images. Test images (containing both face and(More)
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