Clyde Clements

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The heart is an electrically controlled fluid pump which operates by mechanical contraction. Whole heart modelling is a computationally daunting task which must incorporate several subsystems: mechanical, electrical, and fluidic. Numerous feedback mechanisms on many levels, and operating at different scales, exist to finely control behaviour. Understanding(More)
The sawtooth effect refers to how one end of a cardiac cell is depolarized, while the opposite end is hyperpolarized, upon exposure to an exogenous electric field. Although hypothesized, it has not been observed in tissue. The Purkinje system is a one-dimensional (1-D) cable-like system residing on the endocardial surface of the heart and is the most(More)
Proper electrical excitation of the heart is dependent on the specialized conduction system that coordinates the electrical activity from the atria to the ventricles. This paper describes the construction of a conduction system as a branching network of Purkinje fibers on the endocardial surface. Endocardial surfaces were extracted from an FEM model of the(More)
Large documents can be split into several files: \input{file} Inputs file.tex. \include{file} Inputs file.tex, but allows conditional input with \includeonly command. For example, 1 \documentclass{article} \includeonly{file3} \begin{document}. .. Only file1.tex and file3.tex will be input. Note: \include command always starts a new page.
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