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Cloud computing [23] is a promising paradigm for the provisioning of IT services. Cloud computing infrastructures, such as those offered by the RESERVOIR project, aim to facilitate the deployment, management and execution of services across multiple physical locations in a seamless manner. In order for service providers to meet their quality of service(More)
Cloud computing is changing the way in which companies deploy and operate ICT based services. This paradigm introduces several advantages compared with traditional data centers, such as a great degree of flexibility, pay-per-use models, and rapid resource provisioning. However, the lack of a well defined supply chain for clouds and an associated information(More)
Service Clouds are a key emerging feature of the Future Internet which will provide a platform to execute virtualized services. To effectively operate a service cloud there needs to be a monitoring system which provides data on the actual usage and changes in resources of the cloud and of the services running in the cloud. We present the main aspects of(More)
The grid community has been migrating towards service-oriented architectures as a means of exposing and interacting with computational resources across organizational boundaries. The adoption of Web Service standards provides us with an increased level of manageability, extensibility and interoperability between loosely coupled services that is crucial to(More)
Calves fed large amounts of milk replacer (MR) gain more body weight preweaning than calves fed less-aggressive programs; however, postweaning growth may be reduced. Limited research suggests that less than optimal digestion of the postweaned diet due to large amounts of MR with reduced dry feed intake preweaning may contribute to growth impairment(More)
Refractometry using a Brix refractometer has been proposed as a means to estimate IgG concentration in bovine maternal colostrum (MC). The refractometer has advantages over other methods of estimating IgG concentration in that the Brix refractometer is inexpensive, readily available, less fragile, and less sensitive to variation in colostral temperature,(More)
Forty Holstein heifers entered the 12-wk study at approximately 12 wk of age. At enrollment, heifers were blocked by birth date and assigned to 1 of 4 treatments: (1) carrier (30 g; control); (2) lasalocid + carrier (1 mg/kg of body weight; L); (3) chlortetracycline + carrier (22 mg/kg of body weight; CTC); (4) L + CTC + carrier (CTCL). Heifers on CTC and(More)
The integration of clusters of computers into computational grids has recently gained the attention of many computational scientists. While considerable progress has been made in building middleware and workflow tools that facilitate the sharing of compute resources, little attention has been paid to grid scheduling and load balancing techniques to reduce(More)