Clotilde Gras

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The high incidence of abortion in Brazil and the increased use of misoprostol among women having clandestine/unsafe abortions has led to an interest in evaluating whether there is an association between the use of misoprostol and the incidence of septic complications post-abortion. To test this association, a retrospective cohort study was conducted with(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the genetic subtypes and characteristics of HIV-1 strains from individuals infected after overseas deployment. PATIENTS AND METHODS Sixty-one HIV-1-positive individuals detected between 1986 and 1995 in the French army were included in the study. For each patient, the year and country of HIV infection are known. Genetic subtypes of(More)
The authors report on two isolated cases of bilharzioma: one vesical revealed by an hematuria and one epididymal constituting an intrascrotal mass. Clinical signs did not oriented toward these diagnosis and biology was helpless. Serodiagnosis by hemagglutination was negative, but immunofluorescence was more reliable. On the contrary both tumors were(More)
Up till now, in the French Polynesia and in New Caledonia, people showing ciguatera intoxication receive a standard treatment: calcium + vitamins B6 and C by intravenous way and in addition, some drugs arriving to cure some symptomatic manifestations. In 1988, an investigation carried out in Majuro, Marshall Islands concluded that intravenous mannitol is(More)
HIV elite controllers (EC) are a rare group of HIV-infected patients who are able to maintain undetectable viral loads during a long period of time in the absence of antiretroviral treatment. Adaptive immunity and host genetic factors, although implicated, do not entirely explain this phenomenon. On the other hand, plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) are(More)
CGP 56697 (Riamet) is a new oral anti-malarial drug composed of artemether and lumefantrine (benflumetol) which combines the fast, short-acting artemether for rapid parasite clearance with the prolonged action of lumefantrine for intended radical cure. In this double-blind, comparative trial, the efficacy and tolerability of CGP 56697, given as a course of(More)
The authors report on an outbreak of Schistosoma mansoni infestation involving 113 military men who had been contaminated together in a tributary of the Chari river in the Central African Republic. The patients were examined on their return to France 50 days after being contaminated and were compared with a control group of 25 subjects who had lived in(More)
Dengue is prevalent in all subtropical areas. Hemorrhagic forms of the disease were first described in southeast Asia but have now been observed on several continents. Travelers are at risk for infection and the likelihood of imported dengue has grown in relation to volume of air traffic. In developed countries, dengue usually presents in the benign form,(More)
Management of blood eosinophilia in travelers returning from the tropics is controversial. In this prospective study, 102 asymptomatic tropical travelers underwent investigation and treatment for hypereosinophilia. In contrast with direct tests for parasitic infection which were positive in only 15% of cases, immunological tests were suggestive of(More)