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Cone-Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) and Positron Emission To-mography (PET) are two complementary medical imaging modalities providing respectively anatomic and metabolic information of a patient. In the context of public health, one must address the problem of dose reduction of the potentially harmful quantities related to each exam protocol : X-rays(More)
Let (Xt, t ≥ 0) be an α-stable random walk with values in Z d. Let lt(x) = t 0 δx(Xs)ds be its local time. For p > 1, not necessarily integer, It = x l p t (x) is the so-called p-fold self-intersection local time of the random walk. When p(d − α) < d, we derive precise logarithmic asymptotics of the probability P [It ≥ rt] for all scales rt E [It]. Our(More)
Our goal is to study the multifractal properties of functions of a given family which have few non vanishing wavelet coefficients. They are indeed somehow " sparse " signals. We compute at each point the pointwise Hölder exponent of these functions and also their local L p regularity, computing the so-called p-exponent. We prove that in the general case the(More)
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