Cloe Luckett Gray

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UNLABELLED Individuals with Angelman syndrome (AS) suffer sleep disturbances that severely impair quality of life. Whether these disturbances arise from sleep or circadian clock dysfunction is currently unknown. Here, we explored the mechanistic basis for these sleep disorders in a mouse model of Angelman syndrome (Ube3a(m-/p+) mice). Genetic deletion of(More)
Conditioned defeat (CD) is a behavioral response that occurs in Syrian hamsters after they experience social defeat. Subsequently, defeated hamsters no longer produce territorial aggression but instead exhibit heightened levels of avoidance and submission, even when confronted with a smaller, non-aggressive intruder. Dopamine in the nucleus accumbens is(More)
Psychological stressors such as social stress and bullying are prevalent in today's society. Disorders such as PTSD, depression and social anxiety disorder can be either caused or exacerbated by social stress and treatment options are not always effective in providing relief for these disorders. Our laboratory studies a form of social stress termed(More)
Social defeat occurs when an animal is attacked and subjugated by an aggressive conspecific. Following social defeat, male Syrian hamsters fail to display species-typical territorial aggression and instead exhibit submissive or defensive behaviors even when in the presence of a non-aggressive intruder. We have termed this phenomenon conditioned defeat (CD).(More)
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