Clodoaldo Roldán

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Subjects decided as quickly as possible whether dot patterns were or were not symmetrical about a line. Their decision times were shorter when the line was verticle and increased as the angle between the line and the verticle increased. This orientation function was essentially the same whether or not the subjects knew in advance what the orientation of the(More)
In three experiments, Ss responded to individual digits or letters according to whether or not each was in some prememorized list. There were either two possible responses (yes-no condition) or a single response (yes-only and no-only conditions). With memory sets of one, two, or four digits, RT was a linear function of memory set size. The slope of the(More)
We present a new multi-analytical approach to the characterization of black pigments in Spanish Levantine rock art. This new protocol seeks to identify the raw materials that were used, as well as reconstruct the different technical gestures and decision-making processes involved in the obtaining of these black pigments. For the first of these goals, the(More)
Speckle interferometry is a technique adequate to metrological problems such as the measurement of object deformation. An automatic system of analysis of such measurements is given; it consists of a motorized x-y plate positioner controlled by computer, a CCD video camera, and software for image analysis. A fringe-recognition algorithm determines the(More)
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